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Having fun by playing video games or by using Betano bonus code or codes similar to it has become very popular in the recent years. Whether due to a global pandemic or the need to socialize or be entertained, video games are popular. However, just downloading or buying a new game should not be done without first being informed of the game’s state and whether it is a good purchase.

Review sites can do this, but they might also color things with their own perspective, often a paid one. However, personal blogs are different, because they can offer a very subjective view of things. They can also provide the viewer with an overview of the history of gaming, the important context to understand why a game is thought of as it is. 

Here are the best gaming blogs.


This is a large blog and has been around since 2004. It deals with everything gaming-related. Do you want news? Kotaku has news about games, as well as reviews, not to mention information about streaming, cosplay and so on.

Kotaku does not have one specific writer, but rather, a series of contributors, where even some users could find ways to add their own thoughts to the hive mind.

It is a trusted source and one should consider it for gaming information.

Attack of the Fanboy

This name is very witty, referring to the Attack of the Clones, a Star Wars movie. This blog deals with all sorts of gaming-related things such as reviews and impressions. But, the blog does not stop there, it also helps the viewers understand how gaming works, how some games work and how different systems work. It is also a blog about technology, and not just gaming, which is why it might be of interest to more tech-enthusiastic gamers.

That VideoGame Blog

Another pun in the name of the site/blog. This blog refers to the That 70s Show, but it is also a spectacle of its own. It is a blog that covers gaming, in a way that serves both the gamers and the developers. They have witty titles that try to encompass the entirety of their article and provide as much detail as possible. The blog is also very easy to read, as it is straightforward and simple. It is a great gaming blog. 


This blog is special because it covers a different type of genres, only MMOs and indie games. You won’t find any triple A titles here unless they are MMOs, of course. GameOgre is a great blog for those who want to learn about new games and who want to catch up on the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre.

The Game Fanatics

This blog is, judging by its name, run by people who love gaming so much that they have made it their jobs. Reviewing games, talking about games, having a gaming-related YouTube channel, they tick all the boxes. It is one of those blogs/channels that is very subjective, but that is a good thing, because they will voice concerns of the gamers, making them one of the more respected blogs out there.

Video games are aplenty and we need some way of getting to know them, as well as a history of gaming. These five blogs should suffice for any gamer, whether tech-savvy or not, as they cover anything from games to cosplays, as well as technology.