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We have come to rely on technology to help us with almost anything these days. That is not at all a bad thing, as it can increase productivity, or even help us feel better, actually feel better. Mostly, however, we rely on technology for fun – we use the internet to look for new movie or music releases, for new games, for bonus codes such as NetBet Bonus Code or for anything that is interesting to us. The markets are full of applications, most of them creating clutter. However, some applications were designed with a specific productive goal in mind, and are therefore worthy of our attention.

Whether you are using Android or iOS phones, you should take a look at the following applications, as they can help you in your daily activities.

Stack – Android

Stack is a very useful tool. Most of us still work with written text, or even printed text. However, getting that text into a digital format was a pain for the longer period of two decades. One would have to use old-fashioned scanners and then get PDF files.

Stack can do that with a simple photo. One can also use Stack to export PDF files to all of G Suite, it being an Android application. Sharpening and cropping are among the many possible tools that the application has on offer, giving the user precision and practicality.

Forest – iOS, Android

Forest is one of those applications which can help people leave their phones for a period of time. It is also interesting in the way it restricts access. One can input how many minutes or hours they want the phone to be inaccessible and their screen will turn into a tree, growing from a young sapling. When the tree is fully developed, access to the phone is allowed.

The application allows you to earn coins which are then turned into actual trees in Africa, through a partnership with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization. Productivity and philanthropy at the palm of your hand.

White Noise Lite – iOS, Android

White noise is a combination of different frequencies, and because there are so many frequencies crammed together and played at once, they are used to mask other sounds. White Noise Lite is an application that plays white noise, allowing you to select the type of white noise you want to listen to. This is great for relaxing but is actually used by people who are having trouble falling asleep. Most have reported that the application does wonders for their light sleep.

Brave – iOS, Android

Privacy is important in this modern day and age where everything is gathering our information. Brave is a browser built with privacy in mind. Brave can block cookies, pop ups, advertisements and even enforce HTTPS with an extension called HTTPS Everywhere. It is the go-to privacy browser.

Duolingo – iOS, Android

Duolingo allows users to learn languages for free. It is interactive and fun, and also, free. Education and entertainment, all at once. The mascot owl is also cute.

These are the best applications of 2021, for both Android and iOS devices. Some of these applications date back a couple of years, but they are still very good at what they do and are likely to remain at the top of the best apps list.