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Innovation Over Time: A History of Software Development

Everything must have a beginning, including our modern technology. We could trace back to the first people who used stones and sticks to make fire, but that would be far-fetched. Modern technology relies on hardware and software, most of the time. Hardware is the mechanical part, the one that does all the calculations and mathematics, […]

The Best Apps of 2021

We have come to rely on technology to help us with almost anything these days. That is not at all a bad thing, as it can increase productivity, or even help us feel better, actually feel better. The markets are full of applications, most of them being clutter, there for a quick cash grab. However, […]

What is Software? The Types of Software You Can Have

Technology has been developing for the entirety of the history of the human race. Only recently have we come to call gadgets and electronic devices technology. In today’s terms, a water mill is not something ground-breaking but at the time, it was the best possible answer, not to mention steam engines. Today, technology often has […]

The Best Gaming Bloggers

Video games are popular today. Whether due to a global pandemic or the desire to be someone else and feel powerful, or to simply socialize or be entertained, video games are popular. However, just downloading or buying a new game should not be done without first being informed of the game’s state and whether it […]

Why Are People Addicted to Their Phones?

Modern technology comes with a price, as does everything. The very creation of a modern mobile phone requires a large plant to do lots of work, as well as actual people interacting with devices, helping with quality control, not to mention design. But, that is not where the price ends. Once we purchase a mobile […]