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    Office Regenerator

    Office Regenerator up to 100 computers license. Office Regenerator allows recovering Microsoft Office documents even in the most desperate situations. It efficiently recovers a separate lost Microsoft Office document from an existing partition as well as lost Word, Excel or PowerPoint files from corrupted, deleted partitions or reformatted disks.

    HDD Regenerator

    HDD Regenerator repairs bad sectors using an unique hardware independent technology developed by Dmitriy Primochenko. It supports many types of hard drives and repairs damage that even low-level disk formatting cannot repair. As a result, previously unreadable information is restored. Because of the way the repair is made, the existing information on the disk drive will not be affected!


Latest Releases

IP Hider Ever (2015-07-31)
IP Hider Ever is a professional software used to hide your IP address so that you can hide your internet traffic and the real location while surfing the web. This best IP hider software provides government-level safety protection, makes nobody know what you do on the internet. So you can surf wherever you want on the web without worrying about any of the information leaked.
Free Mac Keylogger 4.2.0 (2015-07-31)
Small, simple and functional, FreeMacKeylogger monitors and records keystrokes on your Mac plus the time you open and close Mac applications. And FreeMacKeylogger for Mac is absolutely FREE. Easy to install and run, FreeMacKeylogger works on MacOSX v. 10.6 and above. Keystroke logging works in any language your Mac supports and captures text typed in any application or web page except passwords.
SoftFreeWay Surviaval Alone 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Just a week ago a small, unremarkable town existed peacefully ... Until the plague hit, and people turn into hungry zombies. Fortunately you have some immunity, but this does not mean that you are immortal. All exits are blocked, nowhere to go, try to survive as long as possible in the devastated, burned-out town. Your destiny is in your hands.
SoftFreeWay The Forgotten 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Your character will be equipped with a powerful gun with a good enough ammo. Offers 5 types of enemies. Join the battle with monsters and try to stay alive, this will help your best friend - the machine gun.
SoftFreeWay The Light In Night 1.0 (2015-07-31)
The Light in Night is an exciting, old-school platform game. One night, the main character sees a "man" at the window and decides to see who it is. But suddenly this stranger dissolves into thin air, leaving no trace of itself. Find him before he finds you!
SoftFreeWay Dead Again 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Dead again features gameplay in the style of a hardcore platformer. Dead again is a game where you can test your strength, agility and speed. Red is within you and your main mission is to complete a level and die in the least possible time. But! If you are absolutely mad, if you have absolutely no cares, you can test your strength for agility and speed on the incredibly heavy, hardcore cool levels! * 13 levels + 3 Hardcore missions. * Dead again
SoftFreeWay What Pad 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Very handy tool for working with rtf and txt file formats. The program provides a full set of tools to: bold text, italicize, underline and strikethrough. You may also set a paragraph, change text color, size and font and much more.
SoftFreeWay Star Defender 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Star Defender is a cosmic game, in which you pilot a spaceship bristling with missiles and a machine gun. Your task is to destroy all enemies in your path, including stationary objects.
Zimbra to MS Exchange 7.4 (2015-07-31)
Zimbra to MS Exchange Migration in any Windows OS machine is possible with use of Zimbra Converter. This tool works in 2 conversion mode that help you Move Zimbra to Exchange, you can either move single Zimbra user mailbox to multiple users mailbox from Zimbra & that with entire Zimbra data ? Emails, Address Book, Calendar & Tasks.
Pdf Extractor Merger Splitter Pro (2015-07-31)
AWinware Pdf Splitter Merger Professional edition is consolidated functionality Windows program, lets users to combine multiple pdf files together and split large pdf into several smaller parts; extracts part page range from batch files and removes unwanted pages from any pdf. Program supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and multipage TIFF files also for joining together with pdf and process secure & user password protected pdf files.
Open IncrediMail IMM files 5.2 (2015-07-31)
The IncrediMail IMM Converter has ability to open IncrediMail IMM files in MS Outlook with all attachments and keeping them unchanged. It also controls the emails formatting. There is no file size limit to open IncrediMail IMM files in Outlook.
Glass Catfish Wallpaper 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Glass Catfish Wallpaper is a cool interactive freshwater wallpaper that allows you to enjoy all the beauty of the glass catfish swimming on your desktop. Colorful aquarium background and realistic-looking glass catfish make Glass Catfish Wallpaper better than the real thing. Glass fish, Also known as the red light fish, glass neon fish. The fins is transparent, blue fluorescence. They have many colors including pink, blue, green and golden, etc.
Outlook OST to PST Converter 2013 4.4 (2015-07-31)
To get the desired outcome, OST to PST Converter is most applicable & reliable Utility. It offers 3 modes to export data Outlook OST to PST Converter 2013/2016, such as EML, MSG and PST. Basically it is Windows Based App & supports each version of Windows & Outlook plus includes additional essential attributes. Free Demo escorts how to convert OST Files to PST correctly as well restore. By deep scanning, it removes all bugs from .ost file.
Tool to Convert OST to Outlook 4.4 (2015-07-31)
OST PST conversion tool to convert OST to Outlook is the best and effective way that which simply save your precious time. For converting OST files after oversized, you can trust in our OST PST Conversion tool. This software restores original file format of email like TXT, HTML, and RTF. It supports all Windows OS versions like 2000, 2003, XP, ME, NT, Vista, Win7 and Win8.
how to last longer in bed for men natura 2.1 (2015-07-31)
How to Last Longer In Bed For Men Naturally - MY STORY. Knowing how to last longer in bed for men naturally and how to control ejaculation are issues most men desperately seek answers for, yet are embarrassing enough to avoid seeking any solution at all. To learn how to last longer in bed for men naturally one must consider the options available. First, a doctor?s visit can how to last longer in bed for men naturally identify possible underlying
SoftFreeWay Ariella Submarine 1.0 (2015-07-31)
In this colorful Scroll Shooter game you control the submarine "Ariella". As you advance through increasingly difficult levels you will encounter different types of enemies including mutated underwater creatures, as well as several kinds of obstacles.
SoftFreeWay Halotea Free 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Mirolit Halotea is a unique application for sound atmosphere creation and relaxation. It was created for people who have a stressful and intense job, small children, want inner balance and want to sleep peacefully. It's well known that sounds can either stimulate a person's nervous system or calm it down. Just pick a suitable sound theme, turn on the volume, and enjoy pleasant and relaxing sounds of nature.
SoftFreeWay Battle For Aqua 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Battle For Aqua is a dynamic 3D scroll shooter with a space theme, where you fight for the planet, Aqua. Pass through 11 levels, from the asteroid belt to final battles on the surface of the planet. Blast your way through asteroids and space to the station yard, and onto the planet itself. Knock out the gates of the city located under the dome, and destroy the headquarters of the planet Aqua.
SoftFreeWay LSD 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Lsd is a small, hardcore 2D arcade game with very dynamic gameplay and beautiful graphics. Your character has a special ability to destroy objects onto which it jumps. To pass the levels, it's necessary to destroy all the objects without touching the walls. The game will take you through a dozen different levels of complexity, through which you will lead the hero to victory.
SoftFreeWay Lamp Adventures 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Strangely enough, the game is about a bulb, which travels around the world of electricity. The main character can shoot electric shocks and power a unit. Clear several levels with various traps, obstacles and puzzles while fighting many enemies including some bosses. The game is made in a black and white style that gives it a certain charm.
SoftFreeWay Feed 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Collect 12 cases, but in a dark kilometers-deep forest with a flashlight in hand. Outwit the rabid dogs and not so cheerful clowns. If move too slowly, you'll quickly run into trouble. Here you will have to act according to stealth, that is, don't been seen! Do your best to keep track of your distance traveled.
SoftFreeWay White And Fluffy 1.0 (2015-07-31)
Help the white and fluffy rabbit find the Royal carrots in the pits. You have to toss a cute rabbit on the walls of the cave, so that he hops in the right direction. The game features colorful graphics, funny sounds and pleasant music. Complete all 3 of the worlds, avoiding enemies and other various hazards to find the giant carrot.
SoftFreeWay The Juicer 1.0 (2015-07-31)
A hapless farmer's experiment to increase the size and accelerate the growth of fruits and vegetables was a complete failure. The "control group" soon got out of control, and rebelled to take revenge on mankind for the experiments on them ... The player will have to stop the invasion of the evil, but deceiving fruit and vegetables. The faster the player goes through the level, the more juice he earns.
Rivulidae Killifish Wallpaper 1.1 (2015-07-31)
Rivulidae Killifish Wallpaper is a great wallpaper with Rivulidae killifish swimming across your desktop. Free rivulidae killifish wallpaper and rivulidae killifish background for your computer desktop. Rivulidae Killifish is a genus of freshwater fish, they are found mainly in fresh or brackish waters in the Americas. Rivulidae Killifish Wallpaper lets you see all the beautiful and amazing wallpapers of rivulidae killifish.
MSG to PST Converter 6.4 (2015-07-31)
The MSG to PST Converter is quick solution to import MSG to PST. The software supports free trial version to check out the emails conversion process from MSG to PST. It supports to save all emails properties ? images, formatting, header information, etc.
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